Silicone Products 

Silocone Extrusions



Silicone solid tubing is supplied to a diverse range ofindustries and markets - ranging from Lighting andConstruction to Dairy, Automotive and Aerospace.


Every industry and market has its own requirements interms of specications and approvals.


We mix all grades in-house so that all our extrusionproducts perform to the highest standards of quality andmeet a widerange of customer specications and requirements.Using our state-of-the-art laboratory and in-house mixing facilities we rigorously test each batch beforeproduction and can adjust formulations to meet yourunique needs.





Narm Rubber’s silicone sponge extrusions aremanufactured, designed and developed specically forthe manufacture of extrudedsponge products. expanSil™sponge is manufactured in a continuous productionprocess, allowing for much longer silicone sponge coil lengths. This can help signicantly reduce set-up and changeover times and increase your operational eciency and competitive advantage. 


GP materials offers all the resilience and versatility of silicone rubber and are ideal for industries where adverse temperatures are an issue or alternatively, where there are uneven sealing surfaces requiring a supple material