Rubber Products 

Calendering is a process which is employed to produce very highquality seamless rolls of rubber with extremely consistent thickness and density. Narm Rubber uses the calendering process to impregnate elastomeric compounds, into various natural and

synthetic fabrics, to produce composite sheets.


The rubber along with the chosen fabric, is fed through a series of rollers many times under extreme pressure. This pressure results

in a uniform sheet of high tolerance and high mechanical properties with all components melded completely into one homogenous sheet. The resulting materials are used in the manufacture of gaskets, waterproofing membranes, insertion rubber and other similar products where uniformity and high mechanical properties are important.


Calendered rubber and composite fabric sheeting is used in a wide range of industries, with each application having its own specific

requirements. Narm Rubber’s broad experience and knowledge insures that our calendered material will satisfy your requirements.


Calendered Rubber is used in many ways including:


  • Conveyor Belting

  • Expansion Joints

  • Gaskets

  • Graphic Arts

  • Industrial Hose

  • Military Applications

  • Pinch Valves

  • Roller Covering

  • Roofing Membrane

  • Seals

  • Sheet rubber





Rubber Calendering