Waterproofing Products 


Aquacoat QL-929 Single component polyurethane coating is moisture-cured high polymer waterproof coating. It can react with the moisture in the air and form a non-toxic, odorless and high elastic waterproof fillm. It is a new type of environmental-friendly waterproof coating.


Product Features

  • Packed in one component and ready to use. It avoids the quality instability induced by the inappropriate compounding of two or three components.


  • The performance is stable. It possesses the property of aging-resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fatigue resistance as well as high and low temperature resistance.


  • Environmental-friendly.


  • Good leveling property, simple construction. After coating, it will react with moisture in the air and and cure, forming a compact, seamless, tough and high elastic waterproof lm.


  • It can be compound with high polymer membrane and self-adhesive modied bitumen waterproof membrane to form a compound waterproof system.


Main Application

  • Non-exposed roof,

  • Underground,

  • Indoor bathroom and kitchen and

  • Inedible pool waterproof construction




Substrate Preparation
All Surfaces


The substrate needs to be strong and smooth, clean and dry. Fill the holes with cement mortar. The aws such as honey comb should also be repaired. The external and internal corner are made to be arc. Internal corner: D50mm External corner: D10mm. Brush the rst layer then pave the non-woven reinforced layer. Permeate the reinforced layer with the material thoroughly.



Firstly apply the stirred polyurethane waterproong coating over special positions like the external and internal reinforcement as well as the orice of the through-wall pipe. After meeting the requirement, make the widespread coating. Use brush or rubber scraper to brush the substrate evenly. Apply the second layer provided the rst layer is cured. The coating direction is vertical to the rst one and then the third layer’s direction is the same as the rst one. Brush repeatedly till meets the designed thickness. After curing, it will form a complete seamless waterproof rubber lm which is bond strongly to the substrate. Before the next procedure, pay attention not to damage the waterproong membrane with
hard objects in case of invalidation of the waterproong. If damaged, notify the constructor to repair it.


The interval time: it depends on the application site but typically the surface drying time is about 12 hours.


The actual interval time is based on that the previous layer is tack-free.




Aquacoat QL -929
Single Component, Moisture Cured,100% PolyurethaneWaterproong Coating