Waterproofing Products 


Aquacoat KS-988A, is a 2 component acrylic modied cementitious waterproong system. It is two component high polymer coating material of organic liquid and inorganic powder. After mixing and stirring in a specied proportion, apply slurry on the substrate by trowel or brush to form a hard and fexible waterproof coating. It is widely used in building, road, bridge, culvert, decoration and water construction. The present waterproof system is preferred to the indoors which is not soaked in water for long time. It can be compounded with other material in the roof construction.


Product Features

  • No toxic, no hazard, no pollution,environmental-friendly, safety use.

  • Good adhesion, tough and strong, excellent durability and water resistance.

  • It is possible to apply directly to moist (no water) and dry substrate.

  • The coating lm has high tensile strength, tough, water resistant and durable.

  • Directly construct on facade, slope and top with no owing. Simple construction.

  • Good weather resistance. It is no need to make the protective layer on the outdoor roof.

  • Possess excellent bonding ability and water resistance, great afnity to material like cement mortar and ceramic tile.


Main Application

  • Basement retaining wall and slab

  • Swimming pool, water bodies

  • Bathroom, balcony, wet area and planter box

  • Water retaining structure

  • Parking deck




Substrate Cleaning & Checking


  • Substrate Repair

  • Coating Preparation

  • Joints Treatment

  • Internal & External Corner Reinforcement

  • First Widespread Coating

  • Second Widespread Coating (Direction is Vertical to the First Coating)

  • Third Coating(The Direction is The Same as the First Coating)

  • Quality Check & Repair

  • Impounding Test

  • Acceptance



Firstly apply the stirred polyurethane waterproofing coating over special positions like the external and internal reinforcement as well as penetrations like through-wall pipe. Afterwards, for widespread coating. Use brush or rubber scraper to brush the substrate evenly. Apply the second layer provided the rst layer is cured. The coating direction is vertical to the rst one and then the third layer direction is the same as the rst one. After curing, it will form a complete seamless waterproof rubber lm which will bond strongly to the substrate. Before protection, attention must be given not to damage the waterproofing membrane with hard objects. 

Coating Interval time: Depends on the application site but typically surface drying time is about 12 hours. Subsequent coats of PU should be applied when the preceding coat becomes tack free.




Aquaprufe APF-C
Pre applied, HDPE, Self Adhesive, fully bonded membrane