Waterproofing Products 


Aquacoat QL-930 is one component creamy white liquid prepared by advance technology and contemporary production unit. During coating application, water, as the curing cross-linking agent, is directly added into the coating whose active group will react with the water molecule and cure to form a rubberized waterproof lm coating.


Product Features

  • Single component packing. Contains no solvent, non-toxic, odourless, not polluting, self-leveling, quick curing and simple installation.

  • Strong bonding to concrete substrate. Can be easily installed on wet substrate. High tensile strength and elongation. Highly conformable & excellent adaptability to the deformation in substrate.

  • Heat and cold resistant. (-40~95). Chemical corrosion resistance.

  • High solid content: 92%. Less PU material per square meter.


Main Application

  • Non-exposed & buried roof,

  • Landscape Decks, Retaining Walls

  • Water Bodies, Planter Boxes

  • Sunken Areas, Bathroom & Kitchen;

  • Swimming pool, Fountain pool, Bathroom pool

  • Subway, tunnel and underground construction.




Substrate Preparation
All Surfaces


Concrete substrate needs to be sound, clean, uniform and regular. Fill the holes with cement mortar. The flaws such as honey comb should also be repaired. The external & internal corner are rounded. Internal corner: D50mm External corner: D10mm. Brush the rst layer then pave the non-woven reinforced layer. Permeate the reinforced layer with PU material thoroughly..



Firstly apply the stirred polyurethane waterproong coating over special positions like the external and internal reinforcement as well as penetrations like through-wall pipe. Afterwards, for widespread coating. Use brush or rubber scraper to brush the substrate evenly. Apply the second layer provided the rst layer is cured. The coating direction is vertical to the first one and then the third layer direction is the same as the first one. After curing, it will form a complete seamless waterproof rubber lm which will bond strongly to the substrate. Before protection, attention must be given not to damage the waterproong membrane with hard objects.

Coating Interval time: Depends on the application site but typically surface drying time is about 12 hours. Subsequent coats of PU should be applied when the preceding coat becomes tack free.




Aquacoat QL -930
Single Component, Moisture Cured,100% Polyurethane Waterproof Coating